Stand Out And Be Seen Masterclass Series
Hosted by Rose Cox

Welcome to the 14-Day Masterclass Series for coaches and online entrepreneurs to amplify your authority, boost your credibility and confidently own your expertise.

April 29

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Carla Maree

Carla Maree

Carla Maree is an inspirational, motivational speaker and author on all things Happiness. Carla is the owner of an award-winning gym which she built from the ground up, the founder and owner of the Happy Hot Yoga School, author of two books, including her latest Find your Happy as well as host of the chart-topping podcast Get Happy Hour.

Find your Happy, say yes to life and learn that happiness is a conscious choice

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Katrena Friel

Katrena Friel

Katrena is the Business Coach for the Conscious. She is the Business Mentor to the Awakened. Waiting to make you a superstar in your field of excellence. ​ Katrena helps her clients craft their unique message, while becoming a best-selling author, and ensure you can facilitate transformational events around the world, just like Katrena has done for over 2 decades. Discover how to become an expert in your field of excellence and make your soul purpose a reality. Katrena is the "HOW" you have been waiting for.

Becoming the Expert in your Field of Excellence

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