Stand Out And Be Seen Masterclass Series
Hosted by Rose Cox

Welcome to the 14-Day Masterclass Series for coaches and online entrepreneurs to amplify your authority, boost your credibility and confidently own your expertise.

May 7

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Crystelle Topatan

Crystelle Topatan

Crystelle is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and educator. As one of Australia’s leading sales & marketing automation strategists, Crystelle has spent 20+ years working in Marketing and Events throughout Australia. She founded Launchy, an Australian Marketing & Business Automation Agency servicing a global client base. Crystelle has worked with and promoted speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Peter Morrissey, Kerwin Rae, The Wolf of Wall Street (Jordan Belfort), Dr. John Demartini and has personally impacted countless people through her own seminars and workshops.

Maximize Profits & Accelerate Growth With World Class Business Automation

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Paulina Roach

Paulina Roach

Paulina is a passionate and self-motivated optimist with extensive experience in business strategy and development. With a passion for helping others bring their ideas to life and working across cultures and continents, Paulina loves to help businesses and teams flourish. Inspired by contributing to the UN sustainable development goal of Decent Work and Growth, Paulina supports her clients to grow resilient online businesses.

Visible - From Offline to Online through impactful events

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